Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spring Garden

We've been busy around here getting our garden up and ready.  This year we rented a rototiller (instead of digging up the plot by hand!  Whew!).  dC got the ground ready, we all planted the seeds (cantaloupe, cucumbers, onions, grape tomatoes, spinach, romaine and broccoli) and I made a new little herb garden for the wall of our shed.

We had recently acquired a pallet, and I knew I wanted to utilize it somehow outside. So I had dC hang it on the the shed's wall, add some eyelet screws and I took it from there.   He did the majority of the work though!

First Fender and I planted the seeds in small terracotta pots, I wrapped twine around them, and then found that they were pretty easy to hung if I made a slip knot loop in the back!

To mark the pots I wrote on wine corks, with a little toothpick stuck in the bottom.

Though it rained most of the time, I love getting outside with my family!  Now I can't wait to pickle the cucumbers when they grow this summer!

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