Friday, May 31, 2013

Custom Pockets

A few months ago I made a super cute pair of green chords for Fender and wouldn't ya know it, he's grown out of them already!  Well, since I worked so hard on them, I am repurposing them into shorts for summer time!  I wanted to jazz them up a bit more (does anyone use that term?) so I made custom pockets just for Fender!

I've never added pockets to anything, so I just sat down and looked at a pair of his existing pants, traced a pattern onto regular paper, added a seam allowance and just went for it.  I had bought some silver thread the last time we were at the fabric store and thought it would be fun to use silver as the contrast color for not only hemming his pants, but for adding his initials to his pockets.

For the initials, I used my pocket pattern and drew a cursive "F" onto it making sure it was centered and as high or as low as I wanted it.  Then like carving a pumpkin, I poked holes in the paper along the "F."  I put the pattern over the pocket fabric and used a fabric pen on each of the holes to transfer the pattern over to the pocket.  The "C" was done free hand - both on a tight zig-zag stitch on long stitch length!  (Who needs an embroidery machine!)  Should I have used fabric stabilizer?  Sure...but who has time to hunt that stuff down!  Plus he'll grow out of these shorts in a few weeks anyways!

Then I sewed them on - it was as simple as that!  I love how they turned out and now feel even more confident in my self taught sewing skills!

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