Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vintage Discoveries!

While my dad was visiting this last weekend he brought up a few things he had found around his house that he thought I may like.  We had been talking about colored mason jars and how much antique stores were charging for them and he asked how would you like 4 for free?  He brought up these beauties~

I was so excited when I saw them, that I went online and looked up what year they were made.  According to a couple of different sites, the blue mason jars with "Perfect Mason" written in block letters (just like mine!) were produced between 1910-1914!  So exciting!  I love how bright they are and everyone can use a little blue around the 4th of July!

He also brought out a basket of my Grandma Miller's sewing stuff and as I dug through it I found some really cool things!

My favorites were her miniature gold liptick and stitch counter she used for knitting.  I got a little teary eyed when I thought of how much we have in common and how connected to her I felt when I found these things!  In the basket were crochet threads, yarn, knitting needles and even the beginning of a project that looks like the start of a doilie!

There was a tin teapot, a shoe strecher, an apple corer, juicer and all kinds of other kitchen odds and ends.  But I've saved the best for enamelware pot!  I am always keeping my eye out for them at antique stores, but the price tag never seems to match the condition the pots are in.  This one is perfect!

I hope you can get out there and find some fun old memories in your attics or garage this summer!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Simple Strawberry Jam

We went strawberry picking this last weekend and with so many berries, I couldn't resist the idea of making jam!  Fender and I used this kid friendly recipe and the results were delicious!

The best little helper
Quality control!

Then I made a strwaberry rhubarb pie, and some strawberry cheesecake ice cream.  Both were delicious and recipes that I will use over and over again!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Strawberry Patch

We had a fun time this last weekend picking strawberries. There is a cute little farm a bit north of us called Biringer Farm who offers U-pick. This year we decided to FINALLY go and try it out! We all had a blast and I am VERY excited to get going on as many strawberry recipes that I can get out of the 11 pounds we picked!!!

There were two beautiful Alpacas there and their owner was spinning their wool into yarn!  It was really fun to watch (and tempting to add to my stash!) and the kids had a fun time feeding them too!
They make the cutest sounds, only like to be touched on the neck (because they can't see if you touch them on the head) and will eat right out of your hand!  One of their names was Chewbacca!

The kids got small baskets to fill and dC and I got a big metal crate.  Who knew the kids would just keep dumping theirs into ours because they were having so much fun!

Now to get home and get to baking!  We had strawberry shortcake, Fender and I are making jam today and this weekend is strawberry rhubarb pie!  Mason jar pies are the next on my list!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

School Photo Frame

We've just been to Fender's elementary school to meet his Kindergarten teacher and learn what a day in the life of a Kindergartener looks like!  I am excited since his new school is only one block away (so I can spy on him during recess!), but sad because it just means he'll be going off to college before I know it!  But before all of these exciting changes happen, we get one more round of preschool photos!  I wanted to create a special place for his school photos each year, thus this frame idea was born!

Yes, it's destroying a book, but I thought it was fitting to have Fender's school pictures surrounded by a story book!  I used an old one that had that we weren't into reading anyways.  I just ripped the pages into strips and used watered down glue to decoupage the strips onto an old frame. 
Super simple and cute!

It's crazy how much he's changed in a year! 


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