Thursday, November 14, 2013

Salt and Pepper Wells

I have to give Martha Stewart props for this idea.  Years ago I saw this in her magazine and each Thanksgiving as soon as I'm serving the dinner I think - DANG - I was going to make salt and pepper wells!  I know, what I conundrum right? 

This year I am on top of it! Martha's version is a bit fancier - she painted hers gold.  I liked the more natural look of the walnut, as it matches my table better.  I made one for each family member - and they are easy to store for next year!

Let's get crackin'!  Literally!  Since I use an old fashioned nutcracker, I tend to ruin one half of each nut, so just make sure you have at least 2 for each guest in case they break.  If you are more gentle than me you may be able to get away with using both halves!  After they are cracked open, scoop out the nut and fill with salt or pepper.   Fender was always close by to eat the insides!
If you are feeling adventurous and have left over walnuts you can make Walnut Wishes to add to your table.  I made them a few years and they were really fun to read at the table!
Happy Decorating!

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