Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Peeps are by far one of my favorite candies!  They are fun year round, but of course they are meant for Easter!  I found this recipe to making your own sugar coated marshmallow shapes.  (Thank you Martha!)  I've made marshmallows in the past, but it was much more fun to pipe into birds.

One trick I'll fill you in on - you need to quickly, I mean quick as a bunny, get your shapes into the sugar.  They begin drying instantly and won't take on as much coating.

I used light colored sugars that I usually sprinkle on cookies (yellow and green), as well as regular white sugar. 

Besides the birds and a few nests for them to sit on, (and for me to eat), I made hearts, and even piped out "F" and "M" for the kid's names. 

The peeps last for about a week in a Ziploc bag and are better to eat the next day since they will have gotten more solid - perfect to prep ahead of time for an Easter party!

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