Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Preserving Jellied Cranberry Sauce

I've converted dC into a cranberry sauce eater.  He hasn't been a fan, but this Christmas I decided to branch out and make my own jellied sauce from scratch.  Since cranberry season ends in December, I hit my local grocery store and bought some in order to preserve this deliciousness of the season.  And since dC got me 3 new types of  Weck Canning Jars for Christmas I could not resist trying my hand at canning the sauce!

You can find the recipe for the Jellied Cranberry Sauce here.

I love while the cranberries are cooking they begin to burst. At times it sounds like popcorn popping!

Using the Weck jars is a bit more complicated than the typical Ball jars since their lids are glass they are not self sealing. The end result is so pretty that I'd use these forever!  There is a great tutorial over at this blog how to use the jars. 

There are only two things I would add specifically to preserving cranberry sauce.  First it would be to strain the sauce into another container before ladling them into your jars.  This will help in consistency of flavor and is a lot less messy. 
The second would be to skim the pink foam off the top of the jelly before pouring in to the jars.  It just keeps the jelly clear and a beautiful deep red color!

I hope you take some time this season to preserve some of your favorite flavors!  Happy Canning!

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