Sunday, February 24, 2013

Owl Towels

At Target awhile ago, I found some of their cloth towels on sale and have always wanted to decorate my own napkins.  The idea of this is not new - fabric paint, stamps or stencils, but I had a certain look in mind that I used my artistic dC to create! 

I love white owls, but not too many.  I have only a few here and there sprinkled throughout our house and would never want to overwhelm.  In an attempt to add more orange to our kitchen I thought it would be fun to have dC draw me my own owl, and then I could transform him into my new cooking pal!

dC drew me an owl, and I used the stencil techniques I've used in the past to transfer and paint the pattern onto the towels.  I realized he didn't have any distinct eyes, so I borrowed Fender's Angry Birds pencil to make them.  Shhhhh - don't tell Fender I used his pencil.

Then I just followed the heat setting directions for setting the paint so that they could be washed and dried.  I made some Ron Swanson towels and Storm Trooper towels too.  They are so fun I can't stand it!  Who doesn't want a little Ron with their bacon or tea?

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  1. Ron would approve of the bacon but definitely not the tea! Maybe bacon and bourbon...


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