Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Feathery Friend

I've coveted Martha's feather tree since I saw it in her holiday issue in 2008.  Every time I walk by the feather aisle in the craft store, I think of it.  This Christmas I got a gift card to Michael's from my secret Santa and I couldn't resist.  It's most fun to get weird frivolous things (like 10 pounds of clay and feathers) than glue sticks and glitter when you are spending a gift!

Mine turned out a bit more soft and less uniform than hers (I'm sure her feathers cost more than $2.50 a bag too!)  But I love how it turned out and my favorite part is the improvised tip that I made.  If you venture into making a feather tree here's a quick little top that is super simple and costs pennies to make!

Take a super small Styrofoam ball (mine come in a mixed set of balls at the dollar store) and pierce it with a toothpick.  Cover the entire ball with glue...

...then sprinkle it with glitter...
...and stick the pick into the center of the top of your cone (I saved money here by making one out of card stock).

Then add your feather tree to wherever you need a little more snow in your life!

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