Thursday, January 5, 2012

Homemade Liquid Hand Soap

I was in the mood to make something out of nothing and I saw these instructions and was so excited to make it!  I love being thrifty, but this is downright cheap!  We usually buy a half-gallon refill for all of our soap dispensers that costs $4 - so $8 a gallon!  I just made 2 gallons of soap for $2 - only $1 a gallon!  Yay for math!
Warning - If you are jonesing to do this project, I beg you to find a 2 gallon container before you even begin.  Otherwise you'll be sitting with a pot of soap on your stove until you find one!  I used my hubby's cider brew jug and a small bottle I got at IKEA, filled all of the dispensers in my house and have a Tupperware of the stuff in my pantry!

As you can see in the instructions, all you have to do is grate soap, melt it with water, let it sit, and reheat it with more water.  I loved using dC's immersion blender to mix the chunks!  dC said he'll never use it again, but it's only getting cleaner mixing soap right?

I let my little helper pour the water and do some stirring before the stove was too hot!

Nice apron eh?

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  1. your so stinkin inspiring!!!! you need to have your own store and teach people like me these things!


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