Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cooking with Lavender

I've had a small lavender plant for about a year now. Lavender typically blooms twice a year, so I was excited to see it do just that! The first time I clipped the buds, I hung them in our bedroom during the winter time and let the fragrance fill the room. Since then, I've been coming across so many fun uses for lavender in the kitchen that I decided to try my hand at baking with it!

I made these lavender lemon cookies. They are really floral and pretty fancy! I can imagine serving these at a tea. Since they are sweet, of course Fender says they are his favorite!  The lavender is used right in the dough.  I'm not going to lie...biting into a little piece of lavender was a bit alarming!  That is why this lavender-honey ice cream was MY favorite...

I could have eaten it all... Who am I kidding? I basically did.  The lavender flavor was extracted by steeping the flowers in the honey and then straining them out before making the ice cream.  I would even love to make just lavender honey for my tea.

If you've ever wanted to try cooking with lavender, I say DO IT, and then tell me how it goes!

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