Monday, July 2, 2012

DIY Fourth of July Wreath

I've never been one to decorate for the 4th, but this year I was excited to do something new!  There have been so many book wreaths out there - I thought I would create a tutorial to make your own patriotic flag version for your home.

Old book
red and blue spray paint
foam wreath
hot glue and gun

Start by finding an old book with weathered pages that you wouldn't mind parting with.  I found mine (with 600 pages = many projects!) for $3 at a thrift store.  Section the book of into thirds, and spray paint the edges of the book with

...and leave the other third blank. 
Make sure to wait until each section is dry before painting the next.

Section off a foam wreath (I got this green one at the $1 store since you'll cover it ALL up the color doesn't matter).  Leave more space for the blue section since it will be in the upper left like the blue of an American flag.

Cut out the different colored sections of your book and begin building your wreath.  I like to twist the pages in all different directions before hot glueing them onto the wreath.  I glue the book page into the shape I want then add it to the wreath where it fits best!  This is where you can let your creative juices flow.  Fill in the empty spaces and make it as sparse or full as you'd like!  Just make sure to alternate red and white around the rest of the wreath.

Then using basic star origami I created 5 stars out of whiter book pages so that the stars would stand out a bit more against the older worn pages.  There you have it!  In less that 2 hours and for under $10 you can have your own wreath to start the summer off right! 
Happy 4th of July everyone!

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