Sunday, March 10, 2013

Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwich

Soooooooo, I got really excited by the idea of a Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwich!  I saw a commercial for it from Jack in the Box - had to try it.  BOY, was I disappointed!!!  It was soggy, greasy, flavorless - and to put it lightly disgusting!

This concept seemed so easy to make, so that's just what I did the next evening for dinner!  I thought I'd share how easy it is with you!  Grab a shopping cart, here's your list:

Grocery Shopping List:
boneless, skinless, chicken breasts
sourdough bread
creamy Caesar dressing
romaine lettuce
Parmesan cheese
1 lemon
cloves of garlic
olive oil
salt and pepper
The number of breasts you need depends on how many people you are feeding!
 Start with a few tablespoons of olive oil in a pan on medium heat.  Saute a few smashed garlic cloves in the oil to infuse it with their flavor.  Remove before they brown or burn!
Pound out your chicken breasts (or slice them in half horizontally).  You basically want a thin breast that will cook evenly and sit on you bread nicely!  Fry the breasts in the garlic olive oil seasoning with salt and pepper as you go.  Squeeze half a lemon onto both sides of the breast while cooking.  It adds such a delicious zing to otherwise boring chicken!

I found these super cute mini lemons that are only about 2 inches long! 
Is it weird that I think food is cute?

Toast your bread and slather it with the creamy Caesar dressing.  Top it with the warm chicken, Parmesan cheese, sliced tomatoes and the romaine lettuce.  Add a side of your favorite kettle style chips - and dinner is served!

Fender said it got 10 fingers up!

Hope you get to try it soon!

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