Wednesday, March 6, 2013

One Stencil: Two Ways

I know that it's not technically Spring yet, but I couldn't help putting up my decorations as the much needed sun shines in through the windows. 

Our front room is my favorite color during the winter, a deep maroon that works perfectly for short, dark days, but when I want to add a touch of Spring the usual pinks, light greens, and pastel blues just don't work right.  I usually go with muted tans and whites but this year I added a little chocolate and cream to the mix!  I used a stencil two different ways to add a little bunny to my mantels.

The first way I used the stencil was on wood.  After dC finished with our new headboard he had a lot of little end scraps left behind.  I couldn't resist making something out of them. 

I glued them together using a little Gorilla glue.  Usually I don't like this stuff because it expands into a foamy mess, but that's only if you use too much.  A little bit goes a long way!    I left the edges un-sanded and uneven, then painted it white, wiped off the excess with a paper towel, and left it to dry.  This gave it just barely a wash of white on an already light wood.

Then I cut out my bunny silhouette and traced it onto the wood.  And here is where I think the fun begins.  I love painting, but I have zero talent without the aid of paint by numbers, so this project is perfect for me!  I used a fine brush and painted in the "chocolate" bunny.

The second way I used the stencil was to paint on burlap.  I taped the stencil onto burlap and much like my stencil wall art I painted over the stencil to transfer the image onto the burlap.  It took three coats to get the coverage I wanted, which equals a lot of patience.

Then I found this great old hanger my mom had given me and used it to hang up my second bunny.

The turquoise and white coffee pots and white pitchers are all lovely gifts from my mother in law's collection.  They work so well to help bring bright and light colors to our otherwise dark room!

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