Friday, August 12, 2011

Cake pops!

Everyone is obsessed with cake pops!  I sell them at Starbucks and sometimes the company cuts me off from ordering, since they can't keep up with the production!

I'm ready to get on the I went to the cake pop guru over at (she's written a book, devoted many hours of blogging, and well, quite frankly hers look the best!)  You can get her recipe here, but the gist is very easy...

1. Bake a cake according to the box directions
2. After the cake is cooled break up the cake into crumbles in a large bowl

Fender thought this was the coolest part
3. Mix a can of frosting in with the crumbles
4. Roll into small balls

5. Melt candy melts
6. Dip the tips of each stick into the melted candy and insert into the balls

7. Freeze them for 30 minutes
8. Dip into the candy melts (making them all smooth and removing any gloppy excess)
9. Decorate!

Not too bad right?  Right.  The problem is...step 8 and 9 are super messy and very tedious!  There is also something way too nauseatingly sweet about the smell of cake, frosting and candy melts all together.  And I'm a SWEET TOOTH!  My hubby had to open the windows and turn on the fan to dissipate the smell!

I got it out of my system and I am over it.  I will leave these cute confections to the pros!
Fender LOVED decorating them so that was a plus!
He LOVED eating them even more!!!
The finished product!

I decorated one with S'mores Goldfish



  1. You make it look so easy :)

  2. They look great! We made red velvet ones and tinted the vanilla candy melts green for Steven's cub scout bake sale it October. They were a big hit.

  3. That sounds really cute! Almost like a on the outside, red on the inside!


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