Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Countdown

  I wanted to make an Advent Calendar this year, but once I was finished with my idea, it looked more like a countdown than a treat filled calendar.

Fender, mC and I were making ornaments using this great homemade clay recipe and the idea came to me that I wanted to make 24 snowflakes and hang them up somewhere in the house.

Once the clay was cooked and cooled, I simply rolled out the dough and used cookie cutters for the shapes.  But before they dried I stamped in numbers and skewered a hole in the top for hanging.  Then I let them dry for 24 hours or so.  DO NOT bake these.  The recipe said you could, and they reacted more like cookies - browning, bubbling and warping!  You can easily get 40 medium sized ornaments out of this dough and it can be painted and sealed!  It costs less than $2 to make a batch!

Fender's race car.  He's really good at rolling out clay!

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