Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Snow Globe Soap

When I saw these on pinterest I knew it would be something Fender, mC and I could do together.  I already had glycerin soap on hand it was just a matter of finding small animals to fit in the ice cube trays.  While in Seaside visiting my parents, it was my lucky day when I came across tiny arctic animals (and a few elephants for mC) perfect for this craft!

It's as simple as melting glycerin soap, pouring it into ice cube trays, adding the figurine and topping with shaved white soap (for the snowy ground when they pop out!)  We used sand colored soap for the elephants which turned out the best.  The trick is to wait until the soap sets a bit (30 seconds or so) before adding the animal.  Otherwise they'll sink to the bottom (and look like they're floating to the top).

Like this polar bear that we say is "swimming"

Fender loves washing his hands because it gets him closer to the toy!

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