Thursday, June 21, 2012

Strawberry Patch

We had a fun time this last weekend picking strawberries. There is a cute little farm a bit north of us called Biringer Farm who offers U-pick. This year we decided to FINALLY go and try it out! We all had a blast and I am VERY excited to get going on as many strawberry recipes that I can get out of the 11 pounds we picked!!!

There were two beautiful Alpacas there and their owner was spinning their wool into yarn!  It was really fun to watch (and tempting to add to my stash!) and the kids had a fun time feeding them too!
They make the cutest sounds, only like to be touched on the neck (because they can't see if you touch them on the head) and will eat right out of your hand!  One of their names was Chewbacca!

The kids got small baskets to fill and dC and I got a big metal crate.  Who knew the kids would just keep dumping theirs into ours because they were having so much fun!

Now to get home and get to baking!  We had strawberry shortcake, Fender and I are making jam today and this weekend is strawberry rhubarb pie!  Mason jar pies are the next on my list!

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