Wednesday, June 13, 2012

School Photo Frame

We've just been to Fender's elementary school to meet his Kindergarten teacher and learn what a day in the life of a Kindergartener looks like!  I am excited since his new school is only one block away (so I can spy on him during recess!), but sad because it just means he'll be going off to college before I know it!  But before all of these exciting changes happen, we get one more round of preschool photos!  I wanted to create a special place for his school photos each year, thus this frame idea was born!

Yes, it's destroying a book, but I thought it was fitting to have Fender's school pictures surrounded by a story book!  I used an old one that had that we weren't into reading anyways.  I just ripped the pages into strips and used watered down glue to decoupage the strips onto an old frame. 
Super simple and cute!

It's crazy how much he's changed in a year! 


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