Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vintage Discoveries!

While my dad was visiting this last weekend he brought up a few things he had found around his house that he thought I may like.  We had been talking about colored mason jars and how much antique stores were charging for them and he asked how would you like 4 for free?  He brought up these beauties~

I was so excited when I saw them, that I went online and looked up what year they were made.  According to a couple of different sites, the blue mason jars with "Perfect Mason" written in block letters (just like mine!) were produced between 1910-1914!  So exciting!  I love how bright they are and everyone can use a little blue around the 4th of July!

He also brought out a basket of my Grandma Miller's sewing stuff and as I dug through it I found some really cool things!

My favorites were her miniature gold liptick and stitch counter she used for knitting.  I got a little teary eyed when I thought of how much we have in common and how connected to her I felt when I found these things!  In the basket were crochet threads, yarn, knitting needles and even the beginning of a project that looks like the start of a doilie!

There was a tin teapot, a shoe strecher, an apple corer, juicer and all kinds of other kitchen odds and ends.  But I've saved the best for enamelware pot!  I am always keeping my eye out for them at antique stores, but the price tag never seems to match the condition the pots are in.  This one is perfect!

I hope you can get out there and find some fun old memories in your attics or garage this summer!

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