Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kitchen Marquee Sign

I love that the accent color in my kitchen is orange.  Orange is my favorite color, so anytime I make something orange, or buy something orange, my first intention is to find a quirky spot in my kitchen for it. 

While out at vintage markets and perusing Pinterest, I found marquee signs that kept grabbing my attention.  I've kept my eyes peeled for a large "C" for our family's last name, saw tutorials on how to make my own - then thought about how to add one to our kitchen.  The first thing that came to mind was "EAT" when I think of being in my kitchen - and thus this little project was born.

I bought the string lights and cardboard letters at Hobby Lobby.  The lights are battery powered and even have the option to twinkle which really gives it the effect of a true marquee sign!  Both the lights and the letters are much smaller than those used in the tutorial, but they turned out great after I spray painted them orange!

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