Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's Sew Sunday: Pot Holder Towel

I fell in love with a fabric - I didn't buy it the first time I laid eyes on it, because that's not my style.  I'd rather think about it, obsess over whether or not I need it, decide I do, and then go on a mad dash to find it again. (It's usually cute and popular enough that finding it a second time can be a real disaster!)

But I knew it was true love - we're talking orange and bicycles!  So I went on that very mad dash to find the fabric again, and after I was about to leave the fabric shop empty handed and sad, I saw it out of the corner of my eye behind the cutting counter!  I marched on over and got it! 

Not a lot, just 1/4 yard to make a Pot Holder Towel:

What you'll need:

1/4 yd. fabulous cotton fabric
1/4 yd. terry cloth (or really an old towel)
matching thread
fabric pen
sewing machine or the ability to hand sew (I do not possess this ability)

Begin by cutting both the cotton and the terry cloth down to an 18 x 23 inch rectangle.  With the remaining cotton cut out two triangles that are about 7 1/2 inches at their peak and that match the opposite corners of your original rectangle.  I outlined where the triangles should be placed below.

Before we begin to pin the whole thing together, remove the triangles and press and sew the inside seam of the triangles that will serve as the actual pot holder opening where your hands will slide in.

Then pin the triangles onto the main cotton fabric with wrong sides together.  The rough edges are all the way around on the outside of both fabrics.

Then with right sides together, pin the terry to the cotton fabric (that already has the triangles pinned on).  Simply sew the perimeter of the fabric - leaving a 4 inch opening to turn it all right side out! 

Once it's turned right side out - use your finger or a chopstick (my new favorite sewing tool) to push out the corners.  Press the seams until flat and set being sure to press under the 4 inch opening (as if you sewed it).

Then topstitch around the entire towel.  I think this makes it look so much more finished as well as takes care of that pesky opening without having to hand sew it shut!

There you have it!  I hang mine on the oven door, use it as a towel when needed, but also grab it to pull items out of the oven with in a pinch!

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