Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mason Jar Corn Dogs!

As summer rolls to an end, I love to hang on to every warm day as long as I can (while simultaneously decorating for Fall...) 

One way I did just that was make Mason Jar Corn Dogs!

I love mason jars for all sorts of applications, and you can't beat them in the kitchen!

Here's how you do it..

Grab your favorite corn dog recipe - (I like them all, but this one is easy) - and make the batter!

Get your oil nice and hot and skewer the hot dogs.

Grab two mason jars (this is all about grabbing today!) and fill one jar with your batter and the other with flour!

Dunk the dogs in the mason jar full of flour...

...then dunk them in your batter...

Fry them in the oil and you know what's missing?  An after shot!

Ummm, we may have been too excited and just ate them all up! 

So trust me they are delicious!

What's your favorite way to hold on to Summer?

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