Sunday, September 25, 2011

Apple Picking!

Fender is at an age where he wants to do and try everything he hears or sees.  We read a story about apple picking in an orchard and when you live in the Apple Capitol of the world you have to try it out.  So to celebrate the first weekend in Fall, we took a road trip to Central Washington to go apple picking.  We have a tree in our back yard, but it is not the same as strolling through an orchard and all the fun things that comes with a farm. 

After taking the hayride up to the orchard, we were free to roam and pick as many as our hearts wanted (or as many as our baskets could hold!)  We brought back about 60 pounds! 

We got to taste all three Ambrosia, Yakata, and Jonagold.

We learned that they use crab apples to help polinate the larger trees.  It reminded me of my Grandma Miller who used to serve sweet stewed crab apples every year at Christmas time, I'll have to ask my mom about how she made them.

dC and I pressed 20 pounds into cider while the kids fed even more goats and ran from the free roaming chickens.

All the while beautiful Lake Chelan in the background.
We had a really fun day!  Thank you to The Sunshine Farm for having us!  I'm sure we'll make this a yearly tradition!

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