Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chloe's first Tutu!

Chloe's first birthday is coming up (she is one of my favorite babies out there!) and her mom Kristen asked me if I would make her a tutu...OF COURSE!

I thought I'd share how I did it here, since it is probably one of the cutest things I've made and by far the easiest!

Here's what you'll need:
3-4 yards of tulle
"no-roll" elastic
sharp scissors
tape measure
needle and thread

Start by rolling the tulle up into a long tube (keep the natural fold that the tulle has when you buy it off of the bolt...if you don't it's a mess to fold!)

Then cut off the ends of the tube to make a clean cut at the edges.  Then cut the tube into three inch lengths.

Toulouse helped me with this!

Then since the tulle is doubled you can cut it into strips twice as quickly!  I made 10 inch take the [{desired length of the tutu} x 2] + 2 inches since you loose an inch for the elastic and an inch for the knot.  For example...I wanted a 4 inch tutu... [{4} x 2] + 2 = 10 inches! 

Measure the waist of your tutu wearer and subtract 2 inches - cutting that measurement from the elastic.  Overlap the elastic by about an inch and sew a circular band.  This is also a great time to find something to wrap the tutu around while you work.  I used this twine, but a paper towel roll may work out for you as well!

Take your lengths of tulle and using a slip knot, knot the tulle around the band.  Repeat about 240 times pushing the knots close together to make the tutu full!  You can alternate lengths or colors to make it variegated, or keep it simple and short like I did for Chloe's!  I trimmed some of the longer pieces to make it even all around.


Nice moves Chloe!

Toulouse was jealous!

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