Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to School



When I think of back to school time I always think of chalkboards.  I've seen so many cute applications of chalkboards in craft rooms, garden sheds and kitchen walls that it made me want to make one for our family and our busy schedule.

We are fortunate to have a house built in the 20's, but it also came with some quirks that I am finally going to capitalize upon.  Our kitchen has a huge walk in pantry with a closet door on it.  I love the pantry part, but the door has always seemed weird to me.  So I added a chalkboard to the inside.

I basically taped off a couple of rectangles using painter's tape (one for the title chalkboard, and one for the main board.) painted three layers of chalkboard paint on it and voila!  A cute little chalkboard to write love notes and grocery lists on!

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