Saturday, September 17, 2011

Honey Cakes

Almost every night, Fender and I read one of Karma Wilson's books about lovable Bear and his woodland friends, Mole, Hare, Mouse, Raven, Wren, Gopher and Badger.  In each of the books we've read so far all of the animals celebrate together by eating "honey cakes" and Fender is constantly asking if we have the ingredients to make them.  Since the drawings make them look like currant scones, I've always told him we'd grab what we needed on our next trip to the grocery store.  But today I decided to Google "honey cakes" and came up with several different recipes.  I learned that it is usually made at Rosh Hashana (celebrated in September for the start of the New Year on the Hebrew calendar).  Fender was excited, since the pictures looked delicious, and I was excited because the ingredients evoke fall!  We made them and celebrated just like Bear and his friends!  The whole house smelled delicious.  You can find the recipe here.  (PS~I skipped the whiskey and the orange juice and it is still delicious!)

He loves to whisk!

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