Friday, February 10, 2012

A Splash of Love

We've been rocking the "Winter White" color all over the house since Christmas.  I felt it was time to add a splash of Valentine's Day love up in here!  And since our tree in the front of our house is covered in pussy willows, I decided to bring in some branches and create a tree of love!

I propped them inside a vase and then filled the inside of an old suitcase with lights, red books and my favorite find a quirky mason jar I found for 20 cents!  It's circular at the top and then graduates down to a smaller oval at the bottom and has a rusty heart twined around the mouth. 

Then Fender and I did a scavenger hunt for anything red to fit the occasion.  We found a felted bird that I had made years ago with little red feather wings...

A paper heart that Fender and I made last Valentine's day out of paper towels, food coloring and glue...

A coat hanger heart covered in yarn, glittered pears and other remnants of Valentine's past...

I think it turned out pretty cute and might become a tradition to "decorate the tree" each year!

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