Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spring Soaps

In the spirit of keeping busy and findnig fun things Fender and I can do together, I found these cute soap ideas over here and thought we could get a head start on decorating for Easter.  They are very simple to make and Fender had a lot of fun helping out!

I grated two different colored bars of soap into two separate bowls.  He really wanted to help, but I saw severed fingers in my mind! 

Then I let Fender add a little water (about a Tablespoon per bar) and mix it up with his hands. 
Good clean fun!  It should stick together like this:

The bunny was easiest, we just filled the cookie cutter with the shavings and pressed down until it had an even consistancy across the entire mold.

The striped egg was done the same way but in three parts. I even did a layered butterfly and a ball that basically used up the remainder of what we had left over.  Fender likes using the ball the best in the bath!  They needed to dry for a day in the mold and then they just slid right out!

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  1. papa thinks it good clean fun amd real cute


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