Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Countdown to Halloween...6

There is less than a week left until Halloween so I will be counting down each day by sharing one of my favorite Halloween projects from this year!

Today's craft is the Electrical Tape spider web!  I saw this over at The Party Dress and just knew I had to try it our on one of the many white pitchers I had been collecting for my kitchen.

It's very simple, costs nothing, and will transform any plain white (or clear) object you have into a fun Halloween decoration!

Take black electrical tape and cut it into thin long and short strips - sticking the long for the vertical stripes and the short for the horizontal ones, following the basic shape of a spider web.  That's it!!!  I've used this as a punch pitcher at parties as well as a flower pot this year and can't wait to cover more objects to make a set!

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