Sunday, October 30, 2011

Countdown to Halloween...1

I saw this in the background of a magazine and thought it was a great idea - making bat specimens out of craft paper and framing it as Halloween art for your wall!

I found an old frame and quickly painted it black, letting some of the old white paint show through.
Then my hubby dC made a bat stencil for me to trace.  I traced it onto Halloween colored paper scraps.
For the printed paper, I typed Halloween words over and over and printed it on plain white paper.
Once the paper bats were cut out, I glued flat tacks on their backs.
Then I covered a piece of cardboard almost the same size as the frame with burlap.
 I then tacked the bats in place and slightly bent their wings forward.
To let the bats have room for their wings, I glued the cardboard to the outside of the frame's back.
Lastly I glued a satin black ribbon in place to hang it from!

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