Friday, October 28, 2011

Countdown to Halloween...3

If you know me at all, you know that I like to decorate with white in my kitchen.  So when white pumpkins come out for the year, I get very excited!  I see glittered pumpkins everywhere and couldn't help but want to make one myself!  Though a little time consuming, the actual act of making a glittered pumpkin is very easy!

Grab your glitter, paint brush, glue, your favorite pumpkin and get to town!

1.  Dilute your glue (I used Elmer's) with a little water so that it glides on the surface of your pumpkin easily.

2.  Doing 1/3 of the pumpkin at a time, coat the pumpkin with glue (on a protected surface, because this gets messy!) and cover the pumpkin generously with glitter.  I used a very fine white glitter and then topped the pumpkin off with an iridescent glitter as well.

3.  Knock off the excess and let that section dry before going on to the next!  Do not hold your pumpkin by it's stem - you could easily break it off and be left with a stem-less pumpkin!

If you have the gumption to do several - knock yourself out!  One was plenty for me and my decorating this year!

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