Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Of course I procrastinated making the Cake a Month until the last day...and boy was it a doozey!  While I was making my 30th crepe, I definitely thought to myself - "self, what the heck are you doing?"  But thankfully the results of this crazy tower of power were worth it!  You can get the recipe here.

The best part was making the candied hazelnuts for the topping.  They turned out so well and were so easy that I'm sure I'll use this technique again for another cake topping!

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  1. I've actually made this "cake"! Martha made it look so easy on tv, but it was the most time consuming thing I've ever done! It was for my sisters birthday a few years ago but I had to have her pitch in and help me just to make the crepes. Pretty tasty though. It never made a reappearance due to the time sucking factor!


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