Sunday, September 8, 2013

Star Wars in September - At-At in the Snow Lamp

Here's another one of the projects I've been working on in Fender's room.  It's becoming a regular Star Wars haven in there!

Presenting the At-At in the Snow Lamp! 

I know, I know!  I'm mixing Hoth with Dagobah!  For me as long as it's classic Star Wars (no new episodes here!) we're ALL GOOD!

Here's how I did it:

dC had an old broken lamp that he was going to toss, and of course I kept it to re-purpose it!  He spray painted the drab old brown lamp silver.  I love Krylon's aluminum!  It makes anything look shiny and new!

I cut out an At-At and covered the back-back with Mod-Podge to make it tacky on the back.  When it was almost dry, (you don't want it to permanently stick just temporarily) I stuck the At-At to the side of the lamp, making sure to smooth out all of the edges and getting all of the small details to stick.

Then I spray painted white over the stencil.  When the white was dry, I removed the At-At.  I wanted it to look like it was walking through the snow-snow! 

Here are some of the other areas in his room that I've added:

I let Fender have my Yoda from when I was little.  Unfortunately he has lost his walking stick and cloak throughout the years.  But he's still an original!

I cannot wait to show you what else we've been up to in Fender's room!  I'll see you next week!

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