Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mason Jar Hanging Light

Well, if you know me at all, you know I love canning and thus LOVE mason jars!  From pickles and jam to storage and dispensing - I even use them to make corn dogs!  dC made us a new bedroom set, which I'll share next week, and I wanted to add a little something in the realm of new lighting to the room.  Here are the Mason Jar lights that I made!

At first I was just going to sit them on the bedside tables, but the unfiltered light through the glass is almost too much right next to your face.


So I simply hung the lights from the headboard so that they are shining down on each side of the bed.
Perfect for reading!
Here's how I made them:
I started with my favorite "Mason Star" jars, a $5 light switch cord, and small light bulbs. 
Here's the light switch cord - this can basically be used to turn anything into a light!
With tin snips I cut a small notch in the lid - just big enough for the cord to fit through when the lid was tightened.
With an awl and a hammer I punched holes around the top of the lid to let any warm air escape when the light is on.  Don't need any glass shattering!

Then I put the light bulb where I wanted it to be inside the jar and screwed the jar rim in place! 

Can't wait to show you the new headboard and night stands dC made for us!

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