Sunday, September 29, 2013

Star Wars in September - Star Wars Toy Box

Fender is lucky to have this great little nook in his room under his window.  I wish there were more little quirky corners in our house like this!  I've been dreaming of a toy box/reading nook and dC made it happen!  And yes that is Darth Vader playing the drums with light sabers on Fender's shirt.

Here's the area before...

And here it is after!

All that was needed was a little Star Wars of course so I bought a bunch of his favorite fabric and got out my glue gun.  Sandy Renfrow would be proud!  (I say this because as a child every dance costume she made, she hot glued together while I wore hot pads underneath!)  Instead of sewing on a zipper and getting all fancy, I just glued the fabric onto the foam like I would if I were wrapping a package. 

Using his other pillow case from his bedspread I appliqued "May the Force Be With You" using the same technique as the Boba Fett bag.  That way he can stretch out and get comfortable while reading!
dC scored this original copy of the Star Wars soundtrack on vinyl at the thrift shop for $1.  The inside has lots of great photos from the movie. 

We're not completely done with the transformation of his room - it's definitely a work in progress!  Thanks for spending this month of Star Wars with me!

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